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Once you move past that distinctive, character-filled Irish brogue, the first think you notice about Stephen is his infectious sense of humour and genuinely warm approach to everyone he meets.
Having come from a background in civil construction, Stephen joined his wife, Kathleen in 2016 in search of a new lifestyle where they could share their passion for building a successful business, whilst making a positive difference to the lives of others.

The small coastal town of Yeppoon may suggest a sleepy, laid back lifestyle. But for Kathleen, it provided a foundation for who she was to become: one of Brisbane’s most successful business women.
Raised in an entrepreneurial family, Kathleen has made a career out of solidly watching the way people, property fluctuations, marketing and community engagement interact to provide a grounded, honest approach to selling houses that belies the often aggressive industry. For Kathleen, a sense of compassion, and a recognition that the wellbeing and connectivity of a suburb is paramount, has made her both approachable and successful.

Brisbane born and bred; Jules is all about bringing BIWR’s sense of honest endeavour, connectivity and transparency to her own dealings with clients. The part where people tell their stories, is the part where Jules truly understands their needs. Alongside BIWR’s friendly and supportive team, Jules offers a true sense of community, and not the cutthroat realtor ambition that some people think of.

Justine is all about a selfless attitude, treating each individual she meets with the kind of care and respect that can be a rare commodity these days. The fact that she has so much fun and fulfilment doing so is all she asks. It helps that she works with a supportive team who share all the same values and goals.